Jerry White is a retired pastor in Denham Springs who continues to be a mentor to some of the pastors and members at The Oaks as well as many other people around the world. His many years of deep devotion to Jesus and ministry across the country have made him a great blessing to the body of Christ. We want this page of selected resources from him to be available because we believe they will serve to deepen your walk with God by increasing your affections for Christ. These videos, sermons, and books will help you to see “The Wonder of It All.” It is amazing to think that God loves us as He does, and desires for us to know and enjoy Him now and for all of eternity! 

Thirsting for God

Thirst for God is foundational for spiritual growth. The purpose of these videos is not to satisfy your thirst, but rather to stir thirst. These brief devotional videos were recorded in 2020 at Bro. Jerry’s home during the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine in the face of blindness and a global pandemic. Our greatest need is satisfied, and peace is supplied in knowing Christ.